Super Rabbit Registry Optimizer

Super Rabbit Soft (Freeware)

Super Rabbit Registry Optimizer is an application that provides users with the ability to manage and optimize their Windows system registry. It was developed in 1998 and its first version had similar functions to the Microsoft-designed RegClean 4.1a. The registry file of a Windows-based system serves as the main file for managing the whole computer. This is where all system information is maintained. The registry file is sensitive and if it becomes corrupted, damaged, or worse, deleted, it is inevitable that registry errors, among other system errors, will occur. This is the reason why the system registry must always be kept in good condition.

To do this, users must make sure that their system is free from objects that may inflict damage on the registry, such as corrupted files. Super Rabbit Registry Optimizer can clean the registry’s dustbins and clear these of unnecessary files. This utility works as a defragmenter for the registry file, making the whole registry easier to maintain and keeping it in good health. This improves the performance of the whole Windows operating system. Aside from registry cleanup, this application can also create a backup of the registry file and restore this as needed without any difficulty and without having to go in to the DOS environment.