Super Pop & Drop!

GameHouse, Inc (Proprietary)

Super Pop & Drop! is a ball-launcher puzzle game developed and released by GameHouse in July 2003. Players launch colored balls from the bottom center, one at a time, while lines of colored balls appear from the top. Players should aim for balls that are of the same color with the ball they are launching. The objective of Super Pop & Drop! is to remove balls from the game area by matching 3 or more balls of the same color.

Super Pop & Drop! may be played in two modes: Action Mode and Perpetual Mode. Action mode gives the players a definite time limit within which to match as many balls as possible. Perpetual mode allows players to plan their strategies without a time constraint. Players advance to the next level upon reaching a target score. Players may also choose which level they want to start from. Both modes may be played in three difficulty levels—Hard, Normal, and Easy.

Super Pop & Drop! features different colored balls with colors like pink, white, yellow, blue, and green. Aside from balls, there are special pieces that appear from time to time. The Blockerball is a black ball, which cannot be matched, thus, cannot be removed from the game. The Spring pushes the line of balls one level up to give the player more time to remove them. The Buzzsaw destroys lines of balls at one time. The Grenades may be used to blast away large groups of balls. Lastly, the Rodor Radar distributes colors to surrounding balls.