Super Pool 1.0

GameHouse, Inc (Proprietary)

Super Pool is a casual video game developed by GameHouse Inc. and released in August 2003. This video game is a virtual simulation of the game Pool where players use a cue stick and a cue ball to knock colored balls into pockets along the sides of a pool table. Super Pool features the same rules and gameplay of the actual pool game. Players may choose between six game types such as eight ball, 9 ball, Pyramid, Straight Pool, 3 ball American, etc. In addition to these, Super Pool features two camera views. Super Pool allows players to choose between top view mode and first person view mode. In top view, the camera is positioned directly above the pool table where players may get a full view of the ball positions and movements. The first person view allows users to watch and play the game from the sides of the table. Players may use both the keyboard and the mouse to play Super Pool. Controls may be configured in the options menu.

Super Pool features two game modes where players may challenge the computer, or play with other human players online or via local area network. Players may also change the table, background, and floor design, customize the animation, allow ball direction markers, and switch to 3D mode. Super Pool also includes different difficulty levels for single player mode as well as unlimited play.