Super MP3 Download

Super MP3 Download (Shareware)

Super MP3 Download is a music downloader application that lets users download and listen to MP3 files. The program has a built-in music player, too. It has a simple interface that contains all the controls needed for doing tasks. The music player is located at the top portion of the window. The right pane contains a menu for navigation. Items listed are MP3 Search, Advanced Search, Hot Songs, Categories, and Support.

The MP3 search feature allows users to search for music tracks by typing in the name of an artist or a song title. All the results for the search term are displayed under the search field. The results show the title of the track, the length of the song, and the popularity. There is a download button beside each of the tracks. The program also features a tag editor where users can change the filename, save location, bitrate, title, artist, and album. Super MP3 Download also has an advanced search feature where the artist, title, and album can be typed in to get more accurate results. Additionally, users can search for MP3 files by clicking on the Hot Songs category to see which songs are popular. Songs can also be downloaded according to category (Pop, Jazz, Electronic, Blues, etc).