Super Motocross Africa


Super Motocross Africa is a game involving motocross racing, the setting of which is Africa’s savanna. Two modes that are found in the game include “Star Collector” and “Time Trial”. Time Trial entails a player to act as quickly as possible in order to complete tracks. On the other hand, Star Collector is the mode that requires users to collect each and every star that is found on the game’s tracks up until the time runs out.

A player has to move quickly in order to win trophies. Thus, each minute of the game has to be taken account of. New and additional motorbikes are unlocked as players improve on their game results. New bikes are also unlocked when players are able to collect specific trophies. Added nitro charges are rendered when back and basic flips are performed by players. For a subsequent game level to be unlocked, a player has to win one bronze trophy at the very least. Players have to focus on choosing the right track, as well as the right bike to achieve best results. Aside from players’ skills, players’ reactions also give them advantages in the game’s obstacles. Game situations have to be evaluated such as estimation of bars and tracks.  A realistic atmosphere and well-designed tracks are provided in the game to give a feel of what it really feels like to be part of a race in the African setting.