Super Mario Pac 1.1

Hermit Games (Freeware)

Super Mario Pac is an arcade-type game based on the mechanics of the Super Mario series of video games. This unlicensed take on the beloved character has gameplay that utilizes the running, jumping, and power-ups fans of the series are familiar with. However, the Mario clone adds to the gameplay of the original games by giving the main character a water-powered jetpack contraption called the FLUDD cannon. This device allows the character to fly to some extent, as well as use the jets of water to dispatch some of the enemies that he encounters.

In addition to the water jetpack, there are new goals for the Italian plumber. Instead of simply finishing each level with at least one life left, he has to collect green components that appear onscreen. These components are then used to build a large green Warp pipe, which then serves as the character’s gateway to the next stage. The jetpack also adds a strategic element to the game, as Mario needs to find a pond to get water from should the pack’s contents be exhausted. This take on the Mario mythos employs the two-dimensional graphics and overall aesthetics of the original Super Mario Bros. 3 game from Nintendo.