Super Mario Forever 1.0


New Super Mario Forever is an unofficial video game created by Softendo inspired by the classic Super Mario series of games in the 1980s. This game replicated the original Super Mario game for the computer. It has faithfully reconstructed the original game with sound and graphics updated and optimized for the computer. In this game, players control Mario and go through level after level to save the Princess. It is a platformer-type of video game wherein players move from platform after platform by running and jumping. Famous Mario-powerups return in this game. Among them are the firepower and tanooki suit.

Super Mario Forever has the look and feel of the classic Mario games while recapturing some of the classic game's physics. It has 8 new worlds that range from underwater areas to lava-filled platforms. Moreover, the game has new original enemies and new bonuses not found in the original Mario games. Players may choose to end their current gameplay by saving any time at any point in the game. Additionally, Super Mario Forever has a level editor. Players can design their own levels that they can play with. The level of customization in the level editor is complete, ranging from the structure of the platforms to the enemies present in the game.