Super Mario All-Stars & World 1.1.0B32

Nintendo (Proprietary)

Super Mario All Stars And Super Mario World is a compilation video game that was released in 1994. It features two games, Super Mario All Stars and Super Mario World. All Stars was first released in 1994 while Mario World was first released in 1990. These are two platformer games that feature Mario in his quest to save Princess Peach from the hands of Bowser. The games have remained unchanged. Super Mario All Stars is a compilation game of all previous games in the franchise. Super Mario World is about Mario and Luigi having to save the Dinosaur Land from Bowser.

Super Mario All Stars and Super Mario World have some slight changes in graphics. For the first time, Luigi appears as taller as and slimmer than Mario does. This is different from before when Luigi’s sprites is just color swap of Mario’s sprites. He also now performs actions he has never done in the original version of the games (spitting fireballs, sliding down on knees). There are four save slots now for Super Mario World. The home screen is slightly changed. Apart from the color swap (blue to orange), Super Mario World text is added to the logo. Yoshi is also in the background while Birdo is located in the foreground.