Super Mario 3 Editable 10

Juan Pablo (Freeware)

Super Mario 3 Editable is a game that is based on the classic Nintendo Game. It has all of the features of Super Mario 2 and Super Mario World. This game includes 10 brand new worlds, but aside from that, it also features a level editor that provides players with the ability to create their own levels and worlds. Additionally, this game makes use of new background images, music, and visual effects such as night and rain. Players can share the levels they have created with other players anywhere in the world.

Creating game levels using this application is easy and does not require users to have advanced or even basic skills in programming. The level editor features a complete suite for creating sceneries. This is where users can add the game elements they prefer, such as turtles, pipelines, chasms, ladders, bricks, carnivorous plants, and regular bricks. Users can also place game characters in the levels they create. When done, users can test their levels by playing. Levels can be edited an unlimited number of times until the user is satisfied. Sharing the level with others is done by uploading this to the game’s website. Likewise, players can download levels created by other users in the gaming community.