Super Klikacz 3.0 (Shareware)

Super Klikacz (also known as Super Clicks) is a puzzle game. The objective of the game is to clear the on-screen board from the blocks. To clear blocks, the user must click on a group of blocks of the same color. At least two blocks of the same color are eligible for clearing.

The game offers three difficulty levels: children (three different colors), medium (five different colors), and normal (seven different colors). At the beginning of the game, moves can be undone. Players can create up to four player profiles that they can use to set their nickname, year of birth, location, and game mode. They can also opt for a randomly generated player profile. The program allows users to tweak some of the game settings. Users can opt to reset their scores for each game mode and post their scores on the global leaderboard. They can also change the graphic style of the game balls and blocks, as well as the skin and in-game language. They can toggle the music on or off and modify the game graphics.

For each board layout, players are allowed a limited number of clicks to clear the board. The number of clicks allowed is set according to the new board layout difficulty.