Super Internet TV

Ahusoft (Freeware)

Super Internet TV is a program developed by Ahusoft. It is used for listening to more than 5000 Internet radio stations and watching more than 1,800 live TV channels from more than a hundred countries. It is available in two different editions – Free and Premium. The program does not require a TV Tuner as the audio/video are streamed online. This application is also capable of recording a video program at will.

The program offers different channels of different genres (e.g. entertainment, sports, news, radio, music and others) from various countries. It even offers TV programs that are based on various languages including Spanish, English, German, French and others. Super Internet TV works like a TV set where the user can simply choose a TV channel from the list then play the videos directly in the main window. There’s even the Favorites list, which enables users to add their favorite TV/Radio channels for easy access. This application utilizes the decoding system of Windows Media Player for presenting the radio/television signals. The program can also automatically switch the radio/TV stations’ broadcasting format.

Super Internet TV has resizable screen sizes allowing users to adjust the screen window to different sizes such as full-screen mode. The program also comes with the automatic TV station updates, which will automatically update the list of TV stations.