eRightSoft (Freeware)

SUPER © is a universal player encoder and renderer program that was initially released in 2005. The program supports a wide range of input and output file formats to encode to and from. It also supports streaming protocols, user-controlled conversion, and conversion of Flash videos into different formats. Users have the option to convert audio and video in lossless formats, too. Apart from converting files, the program can also be used as a player.

The program’s interface provides all the tools and options for fast and easy conversion. The options that users must select from are the output container, output video codec, output audio codec, and other video and audio options like the scale size, sampling frequency, and more. Advanced options include DirectShow Decode, Hi Quality, 48K Audio, H264 Profile, Crop/Pad, and Stretch It.

The program supports conversion for five different output containers:
PC and cellular phones
Hardware players
Audio only
Portable devices and players
Image based formats

SUPER © automatically searches for program updates whenever it is connected to the Internet. It also prepares streaming for supported protocols, such as mms://, http://, and rtsp://. The program provides helpful hints when the ‘Show Useful Hints’ options is checked in the settings menu.