Super Hide IP

SuperHideIP.Com (Shareware)

Super Hide IP is an application that hides the computer’s IP address. The program is compatible with popular web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and others. It can be used with different kinds of routers, home networks, and firewalls, too. The program’s interface is simple. The top portion of the window shows the real IP address of the computer together with the location. The bottom part of the window shows the different options for managing the program. There are three buttons – Hide IP, Choose IP Country, and Settings.

When hiding the IP address, users can choose a fake location by selecting one of the countries on the drop down menu. The fake IP address shows the location of the user in the fake country. There are also options for launching the program at system startup and for changing the IP address after a specific amount of time.

The settings window shows two tabs – General and Browser. Under general tab, users can choose to run the program when the user logs on to Windows. There is also an option for automatically checking updates for the program as soon as Super Hide IP is launched. Under the browser tab, users can check the boxes beside the browsers where the program should be enabled.