Super Flight Planner

Central Park Informatica (Proprietary)

Super Flight Planner was developed by Central Park Informatica as a flight-planning program intended for integration with Microsoft Flight Simulator. It is a comprehensive utility that, in addition to other tasks associated with these kinds of simulation programs, allows users to create realistic flight maps and navigation routes, among other schematics. These created plans can then be uploaded into and accessed by Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Super Flight Planner has a number of provisions that allow the viewing and modification of maps and plans. The built-in calculator allows the computation of values such as flight altitude, speed, and the distance between point of departure and arrival, among many other factors included in flight planning. The user can choose from a variety of virtual aircraft based, of course, on real-life planes such as commercial Boeings and several-seater Cessnas. Flight plans may be automatically or manually rerouted, maps layered for comparison, and the general environment modified. Zooming in and out of maps is allowed for more extensive examination and formulation of routes to be used. Maps may also be imported and exported to compatible programs. Map colors, navigation aids, and interfaces may also be modified according to preset themes or the user’s preference.