Super Finder XT

FSL (Freeware)

Super Finder XT is an alternative searching utility that is intended for the use of computer users who are familiar with the default Windows XP search tool. This program stands out because of its capacity to search in source code—a feature that makes it useful to web designers. Unlike the built-in Windows XP option, the Super Finder XT has the power to search html files in high speed.

Super Finder XT has multiple capabilities. It can search for data sets such as files and folders and locate them in a jiffy. Attributes, dates, and sizes may be used to facilitate the search. This application has a number of special search functions. It allows the user to specify attributes such as read-only, archive files, compressed, systems files, encrypted files, etc. to make the search area narrower thus providing faster results. This computer program is also compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

There are two search modes in Super Finder XT—a simple and an advanced mode. The former is easy to use and is meant for novices, while the latter is for experienced computer users. This utility presents users with the opportunity to enhance and modify the interface with skin support. Plugin options are also given and there is full wildcard support available. Super Finder XT is a program created by FSL.