Super Finder

FSL (Freeware)

Super Finder is a dynamic tool with advanced search capabilities. It uses minimal system resources, and is an alternative to the built-in Windows search function. This freeware does an extra search option by visiting all the Help menus of installed programs and applications for a more comprehensive search operation. Super Finder comes in a conventional window with easy-to-access tabs and plain entry fields. A search bar is located at the top where users can input the filename or content they want the tool to search for. Excluding or including particular folders or items in a scan is possible by marking or unmarking the specific checkboxes from the search list tab. Further search options are done by limiting the configuration settings to a specified date when the item was possibly installed or last accessed.

Super Finder is also capable of scanning files that are labeled and hidden as archive, read-only, or system files. After the searching or scanning process is done, users are free to explore the results by opening the folder or file, copying its contents, and even renaming and changing some of its file properties. The tool also includes related files to the search results when an asterisk is placed before the search keyword. Nevertheless, this function is enhanced with criteria restrictions to limit the results to useful files only.