Super DVD to iPod Converter

Timothy Phelan (Shareware)

Super DVD to iPod Converter is an application used for converting DVD videos to the mp4 format. The mp4 format is compatible with mobile devices and iPods, so users can transfer the converted videos and have it with them wherever they go. The program has a simple and intuitive user interface that just about anyone can use. There are also tips on the main window for beginners.

A DVD file added to the main window will be displayed with information, such as the target, time, chapters, subtitles, and other important information. At the bottom part of the window, users can add a title, subtitles, and set the audio settings. More options for the conversion can be accessed by clicking on the Settings button found at the bottom part of the main window. Super DVD to iPod Converter makes use of an advanced algorithm that makes it faster to convert video files between formats. Other main features of the program are listed below:

• Single step conversion that is capable of converting files in just one step
• Conversion can be done in just a few clicks
• Users have complete control over the audio and subtitle tracks of the video
• Automatically detects the hardware for setting the best conversion speed