Super-Bikes Riding Challenge

Milestone (Proprietary)

Super-Bikes Riding Challenge is a motorcycle racing simulation game. The game makes use of a physics module that accurately depicts how motorbikes behave and how riders move, making riding in the game close to the real thing. Riding motorbikes is different from riding cars because players must learn how to balance their characters on screen, and players will also have to learn how to properly ride and handle their bikes in the game setting. The game provides players with full rider control, and gives access to more than 40 popular motorbikes used in racing. The game shows accurate simulations of the motorcycles’ controls. It also challenges players to race in different settings in both wet and dry surfaces.

Super-Bikes Riding Challenge has the following features:

• Full control – the game has separate controls for the rider and the bike itself.
• Popular bikes – each motorcycle in the game is the manufacturer-approved model that features the exact balance, weight, cornering ability, and acceleration as the bike it is modeled after.
• Advanced AI – players will encounter opponents that also improve in skills like they do as they progress through the game.
• Variety of tracks – the tracks fall under three categories, namely Race Tracks, Country, and City. There are many available variants as well, providing players with over 30 tracks to race in.
• Wet tracks – driving motorcycles in wet conditions is difficult as the bikes will have a reduced grip on the road, making the game more challenging.