Super Balls

ALLCinema (Shareware)

Super Balls is a puzzle matching game developed and distributed by AllCinema. In this game, the objective for the player is to make matches of five balls or more of the same color. The balls must be connected diagonally, vertically, or horizontally. To play the game, the player must choose a ball on the game board and click on an open space where the player wants the selected balls to be placed. After every movement, another three balls appear on the board.

When matching more than five balls of similar color, the player gets bonuses. There are different bonuses in the game. These bonuses help the player get better results and higher points. Some of the available bonuses include Delete (clear same colored balls), Other Colors (change the colors of the following three balls), 2 Moves (players get two more turns without additional balls appearing), Undo (undoing last move), Remove (deleting a single ball on the board), and more.

Super Balls offers three game modes. The main mode is the Normal Mode. There is also the Kid Mode, wherein the level of difficulty is based on a kid’s level. There is also the Timed Mode, wherein the player aims to get a high score by matching five or more balls within a limited time.