Super Ad Blocker

SuperAdBlocker (Shareware)

Super Ad Blocker is a security application that is capable of blocking advertisements that may pop up on the desktop when visiting websites. Some of these pop ups may contain malware and other threats that can harm the computer. The application has a simple interface that has a wizard that shows the user step by step instructions on how to use the application. One of the main features of the application is protecting the homepage of a web browser. It prevents threats and other applications from changing the homepage set by the user.

The program’s interface is divided into different tabs that are located at the upper portion of the window. The General Options tab displays the different settings including Internet Explorer options, automatic updates, and start-up options. Users can enable or disable different properties by adding or removing check marks beside the items. Under the Ad Blocking tab, users can choose which advertisements to block. Some of these include pop-ups, flash ads, sponsored ads, and others. Users can learn more about each type of advertisement by clicking on “What is this?” beside each item. Super Ad Blocker also has a History Cleaning feature that allows users to delete their web browser history including cookies, URLs visited, cache, and temporary files.