Sunrise Seven

Sunrise Software (Freeware)

Sunrise Seven is a utility program that enables users to manage their computer’s operating system and its installed applications. This program lets users manipulate and enhance how their operating system works, schedule their maintenance and anti-virus programs to perform routine checks, manage their passwords, authentication tools, and security applications, configure network and account settings, change display settings, as well as the appearance of their icons, browsers, file explorers, start menu and taskbar. Sunrise Seven provides users with a master console that allows them to manipulate the essential features of their computer without the need to access each individual program separately.

Sunrise Seven features a simple user interface that has two main control parts. The first part contains the main menu on the left side of the program window. This menu provides a list of options that describe a specific function in the computer. The menu items are: Quick adjustment, UAC settings, Performance, Security Settings, More adjusting options, Explorer and Start menu, Mini Start menu, OEM Information, and Sunrise info. The right side of the program window contains various checkboxes, buttons, and drop down lists used for setting up the features provided by the program. Sunrise Seven provides a quick access to the computers main features that doesn’t conflict with the system’s settings.