Sunrise Atelier (Shareware)

Sunrise is essentially an open-source Web browser for Mac devices. It is a light and compact program designed quite similar to Opera and Safari. This browser provides tool, which allows for easy management of pop-ups and downloads. This tool is intended for the use of Web designers and coders and other users who require a browser that is easy to navigate while allowing simultaneous review of page coding and Webpage management.

In this utility, the content space for the URL is either on the left side or at the center of the screen if the user opts to do without the bookmark. At the very top of the screen is a URL and dual search bar.

Web browsing with Sunrise is considered by many Mac users as easy and very convenient due to the following features:
• Three bookmark options namely list, grid, and icon
• User-friendly interface
• Auto-resizable and transparent window
• Shortcut buttons such as agent selector, bug form reporter, and screen snapshot function
• Smart browser that remembers most recent pages visited

Sunrise is a browser that offers tabbed browsing, which is what many users prefer. The same features can be found in Chrome and Safari and it is also quick to install.