Suitcase Fusion 4 15.0.5

Extensis (Shareware)

Suitcase Fusion is a font management software created by Extensis and released on December 2012. This program enables users to control and manage their web and desktop fonts. This program works in coordination with several graphic management programs including the Adobe Creative Suite environment. Users may view and manage their font collections even while inside other programs. Users can activate, preview, and browse fonts from a dedicated panel located on the CS interface. This dedicated panel is a dialog box that may be docked to the tools panel, or minimized when not in use.

Suitcase Fusion features some customization options. The preview panels for the Suitcase Fusion library can be color-coordinated for easier access. Users can also flag preferred fonts. Users can also create folders for favorite fonts so they can be used for future projects. This program also enables users to create Smart Sets.

Suitcase Fusion also provides access to the Google Web Fonts library for free. This program also enables users to find fonts similar to one another. This functionality is called the Suitcase Fusion QuickMatch tool. This tool enables the user to find fonts in their archive that is similar to the sample. QuickMatch provides 3 or more options from the libraries that the users can choose from. Users can also create Font Digests that contains custom font lists. These font lists may be created and edited using the program.