Sudoku Deluxe 1.2.2

WebSudoku (Shareware)

Web Sudoku Deluxe is a casual computer video game that simulates Sudoku on the computer. Sudoku is a number puzzle featuring a grid with nine columns and rows. The goal of the player is to supply each square with a number from 1 to 9. Some of the squares in the grid may already have a number supplied. The grid should be filled out in such a way that none of the numbers are repeated in each row and column, and that each 3 x 3 grid should have the numbers 1-9.

Web Sudoku Deluxe offers users a way to play the game on the computer even without an Internet connection. The game also offers two screen modes. In window mode, the game is played in a window, and the user can adjust the window’s size. In full screen mode, the user plays the game in a larger view, taking up the whole screen.

Web Sudoku Deluxe also features different variations of the game. These include playing the game in 4 x 4 and 16 x 16 grids. Answers can be checked instantly; all mistakes are highlighted in red. The game can also be saved to allow the user to resume playing from the last saved point. The Sudoku puzzles may also be printed so the user can solve them offline.