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SubtitleEdit is a program for editing subtitles and creating subtitles for videos. The program is capable of writing, editing, and converting between over a hundred subtitle file formats including SubRip, Sony DVD Architect, YouTube Sbv, Mplayer2, DVD Subtitle, and Cheetah Caption.

The program’s interface is easy to use. The main part of the window shows the subtitles for the video. The subtitles can be displayed in list view or source view. On the subtitle area, users can see the number, start time, end time, duration, as well as the text displayed. The subtitles can be edited by selecting a number and then typing in the subtitles on the Text are at the bottom of the screen. The synchronization of the subtitle with the video can be viewed with the video player that is built into the program. SubtitleEdit offers five ways of synchronizing subtitles to the video.

• Adjust All Times – adjusts all the subtitles for the entire video
• Visual Sync – synchronize subtitles by supplying the start and end times for the scene
• Point Sync – allows users to adjust the subtitles by using point time codes
• Point Sync via Subtitle – enables users to sync the subtitles using another subtitle file that is already synced with the video
• Change Frame Rate – matches the subtitle based on the frame rates of two videos.