Erik Vullings (Freeware)

SubtitleCreator, as the name implies, is a program used for creating subtitles. It works by converting subtitles in SUB or SRT formats to SUP subtitle formats. The program has two main purposes – (1) overlaying subtitles to an existing one and (2) adding subtitles to a copyright-free DVD.

Users can also visualize and preview subtitles while they are being created or edited. Manipulating existing subtitles is possible as well. This allows users to edit certain aspects of the subtitles such as shifting them or changing colors. A built-in DVD Authoring Wizard is also available. This wizard is specifically designed for beginners guiding them throughout the process of adding subtitles. The application also combines abilities of VobBlanker, MuxMan, and PgcDemux allowing users to add subtitles while retaining DVD menus.

Other functions available in SubtitleCreator include the following:

• Generating File Containing Used Palette – The file that contains used palette are generated when it converts SUP format. The generated file can beany of the following formats – mxp, ifo, or clb.
• Loading IFO File – This function enables users to determine whether the subtitle file is for NTSC or PAL movies as well as reads the subtitle’s color palette.
• Karaoke Color – The application also features the karaoke color, which can be used for karaoke videos. When using this feature, users can utilize extra colors on subtitles.
• Previewing and Positioning Subtitles – This function enables users to view DVDs with created or edited subtitles before they can be finalized.