Subtitle Tool 2002.05.27

Tomas Zavodny (Freeware)

Subtitle Tools is a simple program that allows users to edit subtitles for a video. With this application users can easily shift and change the subtitles to be in sync with the video. It is also portable so users can save the program in a USB stick and use it with other computers. The program does not need to be installed in the computer in order for it to work. It supports three different subtitle files – SUB, SRT, and TXT. These files can be added to the application via the browser.

Subtitle Tools has a built-in player, which can be used to play videos so users can accurately position the subtitles to the video. The player can be accessed by clicking on the “Player” button at the top portion of the screen or by pressing F9 on the keyboard. The program’s user interface is divided into different sections that are represented by tabs. Clicking on the tabs displays the settings for that specific category. Some of them are Time Shift, Change Speed, Append Subtitles, Split Subtitles, and Check Consistency. Edited subtitles can be saved in three different formats, which are MicroDVD, SRT, and SSA. The program does not clog up system resources and is easy to use.