Subsea Relic

MyRealGames (Freeware)

Subsea Relic is a click-and-play game sub-titled Kenny’s Adventure – Scuba in Aruba. It is a treasure hunt under the sea. The player assumes the role of the main character Kenny while looking for his family’s relic called Crowned with the Crystal of Destiny. This good luck relic had been stolen from his grandfather by pirates, broken into pieces, and scattered all over the world. His main mission is to find all the pieces of the relic and restore it.

In the game’s many stages (60 levels in three different worlds), the player collects coins, gold, diamonds, and other artifacts. These will be used as key to the game’s next level. In the search, the player must deal with the different sea creatures he meets in the way. Among these are sea urchins, hermit crabs, and octopuses whose tentacles and spines can harm. The player may swim in places where it is not possible to walk. To move to higher places, he can choose either a jellyfish or any of the floating bubbles to use as main transport.

Playing Subsea Relic is done by clicking on the appropriate objects. The arrow keys are used to move the character in any direction. The spacebar is used to make him jump.