SubRip v1.50 Beta 4

Brain, Zuggy (Freeware)

SubRip is a video utility that enables users to extract the subtitle from a video file, as well as the subtitle timing. The ripped subtitle is saved or outputted into a SubRip text file with file name extension SRT. This program utilizes optical character recognition or OCR in extracting the subtitle from video files, live video, or even DVD. This program can also save subtitle tracks into bitmap images. These bitmap files may then be utilized for later subtraction or erasure of the subtitle from the source video.

To perform an extraction process, users need to configure SubRip with the correct video source codec. The user can train the program to recognize the specific text area. The program can also recognize the font style and font color. It can also provide support for video processing requirements to successfully recognize subtitles. This is best done through trial and error, as well as some fine tuning. However, once done with this initial process, the program automatically performs subtitle extraction of the whole video source. The SubRip text file takes note of the start and end times of each subtitle, and the main text. The times follow this format: hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds. Subtitles are consecutively numbered and saved following this format:

Subtitle number:
Start time  End time
Text of subtitle
Blank line