Wicked & Wild Inc. (Freeware)

SubMagic is tool that allows users to manage, convert, and synchronize subtitles for videos. The program supports a variety of subtitle file formats including TXT, SMI, SSA, and SRT. The program’s user interface is divided into different tabs that are dedicated to the tasks that can be done with the application. With this application users can fix errors on subtitles, such as overlapping subtitles, empty subtitles, punctuation marks, duplicates, invalid times, and many more.

The synchronization feature allows users to move subtitles within the video file so that they are synchronized with the video. Subtitles can be stretched and shifted. The program also has a search and replace feature for easier correction of words and phrases used on the subtitle file. There is a built-in media player in the program so users can watch sections of a video file, which makes fixing or changing the subtitles easier. Other options for subtitles include the font style used, font size, font color, margins, language used, and the color scheme. Other key features of the SubMagic application are as follows:

• Program automatically checks for updates of itself before the program is started
• Support for Unicode text files
• Displays statistics of subtitles including number of words, characters, and lines