Sublime Text 2.0.2 (64-bit)

Joe Skinner (Shareware)

Sublime Text is a program used for editing text. It has a dark user interface and users can work on several texts. Moving from one text to another can be done by clicking on tabs located at the upper portion of the window. At the bottom part of the window, users can view the line number, column number, and the tab size. Menus are located at the upper portion of the window, so users can access the different features of the application. Some of its main features are as follows:

• Distraction-free mode – The program features a distraction-free mode. When the program is in this mode, the application takes up the entire screen so users don’t have easy access to other applications that may be distracting.
• Split editing – The split editing mode enables users to edit two texts at the same time. The texts can be placed side by side. This mode also allows users to edit different portions of the same document at the same time.
• Project Switch – This feature allows users to switch between projects with all the changes made to each project saved. This feature is useful for users who are working on several texts all at the same time.