Sublime Text 2 2.0.1

Jon Skinner (Shareware)

Sublime Text 2 is a source code and text editor accompanied by a Python API used in computer programming. It is able to run on a number of existing platforms used by its user.  More than a hundred improvements and tweaks are incorporated into it from its original version.

Significant changes include Quick Skip Next which has been added to complement Quick Add Next one of the original version’s most useful editing commands.  Also for OS X, the ODB Editor Suite and system find pasteboard are now supported allowing for Retina display support. In dealing with code changes, code completion and warnings are made available, as well as a feature called “Multiple Selections” which allow code changes to be done to code groups very easily. Other features include CSS completions, text drop down and drag, modified tab highlighting, improved build systems, and modified highlighting to name a few.  Sublime Text 2 can also be supplemented with a package manager which keeps existing packages up-to-date and enables a user to find, remove, install or upgrade packages without restarting it. This program has an uncomplicated looking user interface and layout with a tabbed interface used to open multiple files.  An examination of its context menus presents a very comprehensive and flexible set of programming text editing options for its user.