SubDownloader 2.0.18

Open Source (Shareware)

SubDownloader is a simple application that allows for automatic download and upload of subtitles for video files such as DivX, MPEG, AVI, and others. Its main source of subtitle is OpenSubtitles, but it also utilizes other websites. Since this is free software, the source code is also available on the project homepage for people who are interested in improving the product. It is fast with the capacity to handle 27GB worth of movie per seven seconds.

Navigation of SubDownloader software makes use of the Keep It Super Simple principle. The user will just need to enter the movie title that needs subtitles and the software will automatically detect the user language, locate the subtitle for the entire movie from the source website and match it to the movie. The user can also perform batch processing as they can select several episodes of a series and the software will work the same way, saving the user the time to go to different website looking for the subtitle of each one. On top of the download functionality, it also has an upload functionality that allows users to upload subtitles to any movie they like. This functionality supports the growth of the application as it provides a venue for users of the application to help each other and improve the product.