StyleXP Application 3.19

TGTSoft (Shareware)

Style XP is a program developed by TGTSoft to allow users to modify and customize how their desktop appears.  It goes beyond the wallpapers, toolbars, and icons pre-installed in the PC, as it enables users to download, import, and manage themes, letting them have a more personalized feel and look to their computers.  

Normally, a program file within the operating system of a computer prevents users from installing additional themes from other sources, but TGTSoft has created a patch to let them enjoy more freedom in personalizing their PCs using Style XP.  The software shows no incompatibility with other applications or programs as it provides its useful features by enhancing the style engine already built-in in the system.  

Among the features that Style XP provides include the ability to modify screensavers, backgrounds, icons, boot screens, explorer bars, and more.  It comes with bundled themes, and offers many customization options, including changing colors, transparency, and font size to suit every individual’s needs, preferences, and personality.  

Moreover, the program gives users the option to either let it run in the system tray, making it convenient to change styles anytime, or to turn it off so it does not use up memory when not needed.