StyleBuilder Application

Telerik (Shareware)

The StyleBuilder Application is a graphics program that was created and released under the company called Telerik. This particular program is a standalone application that can be used together with a standard visual studio design program. Basically, this is a program that comes with a series of tools that enable its users to create different visual styles.

There are several features that program users can take advantage of when they utilize the StyleBuilder Application. The program has been designed in such a way that users can set and inherit properties as necessary. It is also possible for these users to animate changes in the display as well as save the themes that they have developed over time. When setting properties, the user has the tools necessary for him or her to alter a series of properties for a particular control mechanism. With the primitive system function of Telerik software, it is easy for users to apply highly detailed customizations.

When it comes to the feature of inherit properties, the user can rely on a complex series of controls to gain access to different color tones or fonts, as well as other related components, which can be used in the customization process. The interface comes with a list of customizable elements on the left hand side and interchangeable component states on the right.