Stykz 1.0.2 Build 222

Sons of Thunder Software (Freeware)

Stykz is an animation program for creating stick figures. The program was created for users who do not have little to no experience in creating animations. It has built-in stick figures and shapes that the animator can use, eliminating the need to create a stick figure from scratch. Each frame of the animation sequence can be customized according to the user’s preferences. With the onionskin feature, the previous position of the stick figure is displayed so that users can position the figure’s next move, making the animation fluid. Another feature is multiple editing, which allows users to have several projects open at the same time. Stick figures from different projects can be copied and pasted to the current project. Other features of the application are the following:

• Automatic save and backup feature
• Commonly used stick figures can be saved in the program’s library to use for other projects
• Backdrop feature that dims other programs while working on an animation
• Easy figure manipulation
• Edit stick figures directly on the main window

Projects created with the Stykz application can be exported to different formats. It can be saved as a series of images, as an animated GIF, or as a QuickTime file.