StuntMANIA Reloaded

Sector3 (Shareware)

StuntMANIA Reloaded is 3D racing game in which players also perform stunts using cars in different environments. Players can perform a variety of vehicle stunts and moves, such as skidding and drifting to round corners. There are also mid-air stunts that can be done, such as twists, flat spins, and twists. Players have to control their cars across tracks that have all kinds of hazards, loops, and jumps.

While performing a stunt, players can re-orient their cars automatically by hitting the button labeled “Jump” as they are sailing in mid-air so that they are in the upright position when landing. The game awards points to players if they are able to perform stunts and land properly. Hitting corners or a wrong fall can result in a damaged car.

Every successful stunt or trick increases the players’ scores and enables them to get benefits, including unlocking new tracks and cars. The game also provides power ups that enable players to jump farther, teleport, increase speed, and even go against the forces of gravity. There are 11 scenarios available in the game, each with a unique background and 3D environment. Players can choose from different types of vehicles as well, including a military jeep, a truck, a flying saucer, a police car, and a taxi.