StuffIt Connect

Smith Micro Software, Inc. (Shareware)

StuffIt Connect is a file sharing service offered by Smith Micro Software and released on August 2012. This program enables users to compress large files for easier file sharing. This program also enables users to upload the files to a cloud sharing server provided by Smith Micro. Users may then send invites to other users so that they may access the file. Uploaded files may be downloaded by users who have a link to the uploaded file. Users also have an option to encrypt their files before uploading the same. This program also features a one-click upload-and-invite function.

Stufflt Connect also has the option to upload large files even without compression. However, when a file is password-protected or encrypted, uploaded files will be compressed by default. Compressed files are saved as a StuffIt X archive file or as a ZIP file. Users are allotted a definite monthly bandwidth allocation. However, bandwidth allocation depends on the type of account the user has. This service also enables users to add a digital signature to their online invites.

Stufflt Connect service may be accessed several ways. Users may access their files through a web browser on their PC. Users may also access their files through their smart phones or tablets through the Stufflt Connect website. It provides support for Windows, and iOS-powered devices.