Studio Sound FX for Winamp 2.21

QO Labs (Freeware)

Studio Sound FX for Winamp is a plug-in for the Winamp media player. The application is used for improving the quality of sound coming from the computer’s speakers. It has Acuity, a technology that greatly improves the quality of sound when using standard computer speakers. The application has a simple user interface that enables users to control the quality of sound. The tuner is divided into different sections for controlling the audio.

Some of the settings users have control over include the spectral balancer and the bass intensifier. Users can choose to turn these two on or have one of them on and experiment with the quality of sound that comes out from the speakers. Users can also choose to turn enable or disable the bass and clarity controls. Some of the options on the interface can be double clicked in order to have access to more options for improving audio.

Options included for different areas are:

• Spectral Balancer – The spectral balancer allows users to choose from a digital or analog sound. Users can also control the equalizer.
• Tweeter Tuner – This option allows users to choose from three settings – Silkdome, Titanium, and Aluminum.
• Bass Intensifier – For the base intensifier, users can choose from low, medium, or high base.