Studio One 2

PreSonus (Proprietary)

Studio One is a cross-platform digital audio workstation program developed by PreSonus. It is used for creating, producing, and mastering audio projects. The program is available in four editions – Studio One Professional, Studio One Producer, Studio One Artist, and Studio One Free. These editions differ primarily on their available features. For instance, Studio One Professional includes all the features offered while Studio One Free only provides only the basic functions for digital audio recording.

Studio One includes all the resources needed for audio projects. Here are the things included in the program:

• Effects – Studio One offers different audio effects that enables users to create different types of music. Available audio effects include distortion (red light distortion and Ampire XT), dynamics (compressor, expander, and channel strip), equalization (Pro EQ), meters and analysis (phase meter, level meter, scope, and scope tuner), modulation (audio filter, X-treme, flanger, phaser, etc…), reverb and delay (beat delay, groove delay, analog delay, etc.), and specialized effects (pipeline, binaural pan, IR maker, dual pan, etc.)
• Instruments – The program offers four virtual instruments. These are Mojito, Impact, Presence, and Sampleone.
• Content – Various soundsets are available in the program as well. Some of the available soundsets include ueberschall impact drums, musicloops, studio one piano, voodoo one synth, and more.

The available effects and contents vary from all four versions of the program.