Strum Electric GS-1

Applied Acoustics Systems DVM Inc. (Proprietary)

Strum Electric GS-1 is a gig-ready utility for the use of musicians who want to create and produce songs that feature guitar tracks. When a session guitarist is unavailable, keyboardists can make use of this program to produce guitar chords and riffs. Strum Electric GS-1 is a physically modeled guitar tool. This advanced program features classic guitars (single coil and humbucker-fitted), guitar effects, as well as a speaker cabinet, and a double channel amp. Strum Electric GS-1 has a chord library with an extensive chord selection including drop voicings, and a wide array of movable, open and power chords.

Users can perform solos or rhythm guitar riffs without difficulty with this application. This program gives keyboardists a wide range of performance tools and guitar playing options. Strum Electric GS-1 is a ready-to-use guitar track production tool that gives the user the means to perform a variety of riffs using MIDI loops and strumming keys. The following techniques may be performed: hammer-ons, muffled strings, bends and slides and palm muting. The capabilities of this program go beyond strumming. It can be used for strumming, solos, and duophonic parts. Keyboardists will not have a hard time using this utility. With the left hand, a MIDI keyboard can create the shapes of the chords while the right hand can utilize trigger keys to produce the strumming effect.