Firefly Studios (Proprietary)

Stronghold is real-time strategy video game created by Firefly Studios and published by Take 2 Interactive. It was first released in 2001. The game occurs in Wales and Medieval England around AD 1066. In this game, the player assumes the role of Kingdom’s lord. The player’s goal is to establish a stable economy with a strong military base.

Stronghold features multiple gameplay modes – Military Campaign, Economic Campaign, Economic Scenarios, One-Mission Combat, Siege and Free Build. The Military campaign is the game’s main mode and it is based on the England map. The backstory to this campaign starts with the King invading a barbarian opponent but ends up getting captured as a hostage. The player’s goal here is to gain control over the Kingdom by defeating the Four Lords. The Economic Campaign occurs after the main campaign where the player is given a set of objectives. Its focus is the reconstruction of some part of the Kingdom. In the Economic Scenarios and One-Mission Combat modes, the player’s goal is to complete either economic or military objectives. The goal of the Siege mode is to either attack or defend historical castles while in the Free Build mode, the player is provided an option to build a castle without completing any objective.