Stronghold Crusader

Firefly Studios (Proprietary)

Stronghold Crusader is a real time strategy (RTS) game developed by Firefly Studios in 2002. Stronghold Crusader is a series of Crusader campaigns composed of the First, Second, and Third Crusade. Players battle their way through Nicaea, Krak des Chevaliers, and Antioch. Stronghold Crusader also features the Crusader Trail composed of 50 linked missions against a variety of enemies.

Stronghold Crusader gameplay follows from the first Stronghold game. However, Crusader is set in Middle East. Thus, as an added hindrance, farms may only be planted on oasis grass, which greatly limits the resources of Crusaders. Other resources that are still available are marshes, iron ore, and stone quarry. The player’s units are similar to the red of the Knights Templars. Campaigns start with chapters that need to be completed using the limited resources given at the start. Stronghold Crusader also has 50 levels, with one King or more each level that the player needs to defeat to pass it.

Stronghold Crusader features more than a dozen enemy leaders. The Crusaders have to battle the Rat, the Snake, the Pig, and the Wolf. Stronghold Crusader also features the following famous historical characters—Richard the Lionheart, Emperor Frederick, and Phillip II of France. They also battle the Saladin, the Caliph, the Sultan, the Sheriff, the Abbott, and the Marshal from the original Stronghold. There are also the Arab enemies—the Nizar, the Wazir, and the Emir.