Stronghold 3

SouthPeak Games (Proprietary)

Stronghold 3 is a computer game published by SouthPeak Games that is classified under real-time strategy video games. This title is part of a series of Stronghold games which include a remake and a number of spin offs. The game is considered as one of the most popular Castle Sim games today.

Stronghold 3.v 1.0.24037 starts ten years after the timeframe of the original Stronghold game. The Boy, the main protagonist, is once again making a stand against The Wolf or Duc Volpe, the arch-villain. The Wolf is creating much chaos and panic amongst innocent townsfolk. With this background story, the player has many difficult tasks to perform in order to triumph against the enemy. The game play is story driven. Players have the choice to engage in two campaigns, namely economic or combat.

In Stronghold 3.v 1.0.24037, players can create castles and villages. The building system of this version has been improved from the original. One of the highlights of Stronghold 3 is the realistic sieges during nighttime, characterized by stunning graphics and lighting effects. The visual detail is rich enough to render the whole game realistic. This game has a multiplayer mode. This game is developed by Firefly Studios and released in October 2011 after much delay, with the first unveiling happening earlier in May 2010.