Stronghold 2

Firefly Studios (Proprietary)

Stronghold 2 is a video game developed by Firefly Studios and was released in April 2005. This video game is the direct sequel of Stronghold, another video game published by Firefly Studios in 2001. Stronghold 2 is a real time strategy video game where players assume control of various units and buildings over a territory that the player needs to defend and improve. Real time strategy games involves a cycle of gathering resources, constructing structures, building units, and attacking enemy players in order to capture their territory and resources. These types of games often feature a finite amount of resources that the player must use efficiently in order to defeat opponents. In real time strategy games, players are provided with working units that gathers resources and constructs buildings. The constructed buildings in turn, produce various combat units that have different offense and defense attributes as well as special skills. Structures are also responsible for upgrades such as increased combat efficiency for combat units or improved resource gathering.

Stronghold 2 is set in the medieval era where players assume the role of a lord who rules over a medieval castle. Players take control of various civilian and military units that can gather resources, construct buildings, and defend the castle. The main civilian unit is the peasant that can take various food production and manufacturing jobs such as a farmer, baker, hunter, gardener, vintner, fisherman, armourer, blacksmith, tanner, stone mason, and many more. Peasants are crucial for gathering resources used for developing the stronghold and providing income for the castle lord. Stronghold 2 also features various combat units such as the archer, crossbowman, knight, maceman, pikeman, spearman, swordsman, and siege engines such as the battering ram, catapult, and trebuchet. Players can also hire special units from mercenary camps in order to bolster their forces. Stronghold 2 has a single player mode and multiplayer mode. In single player mode, players may choose between skirmish games and the story campaign. Multiplayer provides three game types that can be played over a network: Connections, Skirmish, and Economic game types.