StrongDC++ 2.42

Big Muscle (Open Source)

StrongDC++ is a free file sharing application that makes use of Advanced Direct Connect and Neomodus Direct Connect protocols.  It allows users to have access to both private and public hubs for file downloading.  Using this application, a user is appropriated to a third-party site.

Numerous customization options are available with this application. With StrongDC++, one can search for any file on one’s connected hub, download from various peers, share partial downloads, limit upload and download speed, and encrypt traffic to avoid blockage.  DHT search that is a special search tool, allows for manageable searching of files. The application is highly charged in terms of aesthaetics, resulting into a colorful and information laden interface.   For instance, different icons are displayed to signify peers that secure best conditions for optimal connection.  The program can supply one with a list on public hubs through its website.  In terms of private hubs, one can secure a list of every shared file and a list of each peer connected to the same hub. The program does not require any self-configuration nor configuration of firewalls to operate.  Connection to hubs is a requisite for file searching and faster download speed is available in closer hubs but is hardly achieved in hubs that are further away. Knowledge about DC and P2P are imperative to make the first download. Lastly, a big chunk of shared files found in numerous hubs are illegal to download since they are copyrighted.