Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc. (Proprietary)

StroboSoft is an application that assists users in intonating their musical instruments. This program comes with a Visual Intonation Guide to help users in tuning on their own. The guide makes use of a two-step system that visually indicates accurate intonation for setting up musical instruments. This application makes use of the laptop or desktop computer’s built-in or plug-in microphone in assisting users when tuning. Along with these features are the following functions:

• Sweetened Tunings – this is a collection of offsets that are assigned to specific tunings. These offsets are designed to make chords sound better. In addition, it has sharp and flat indicators that illuminate and glow so users can easily tell in which direction the strobe is moving.
• Intonate Function – this is the program’s visual assistant feature. A LED indicator in the selected string will be colored when the user is in the proper octave. Users only need to isolate the strobe display when tuning.
• Smooth User Interface – the user-friendly interface makes menus and selections easily accessible to users of all skill levels. It also has a compact interface more, which saves on screen space and allows users to view other windows.
• Input handling and boost – StroboSoft has support for input devices that make use of multiple channels. The inputs will be displayed in their own submenu. Furthermore, +24dB of input boost was added to provide a more accurate tuning.