String Studio VS-1 1.1.4

Applied Acoustics Systems DVM Inc. (Shareware)

String Studio VS-1 is a synthesizer that focuses on mimicking string instruments. Its synthesis architecture allows it to generate rich and responsive string instrument sounds. The application features three kinds of excitators:  pick, bow, or hammer. It also has accurate models of a string, the fret or finger interaction, damper, and various types of soundboards. Through the combination of these elements, String Studio can reproduce a broad range of string instruments.

The application is equipped with filters, a distortion module, and a comprehensive output effect to provide a finishing touch to the sound. Also, the software has a wide selection of performance features for optimal controller integration. These include comprehensive MIDI features, keyboard modes, vibrato and legato functions, portamento, and a pattern arpeggiator that may be programmed according to user preference.

String Studio’s synthesizing ability is engineered around a string module that follows the functioning of a real string instrument. The vibration of the string constitutes the instrument’s mechanism for producing sound. Similarly, the software allows the string to be set into motion by the action of an excitatory, which may be a hammer, a pick, or a bow. The length of the string is controlled by the fret or by finger interaction. The length determines how frequently the string should oscillate. To reduce the decay (termination) time of the oscillation, the user can apply a damper on the strings, which has a similar effect as releasing the sustain pedal on a piano.