Strimko 1

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Strimko is a number logic puzzle game that can exercise the player’s brains. Strimko’s gameplay is similar to Sudoku, but with a twist. There are several game modes to keep players entertained for hours. Strimko offers five game modes. They are the following:

• Adventure Mode – In adventure mode, players have to help Luana save the planet by solving a series of logic puzzles and collecting amulets in the process. These amulets must be reassembled in Luana’s astrolabe.
• Classic Mode – In the classic game mode, players must go through classic logic puzzles. There are over 200 puzzles to solve, and each puzzle gets more difficult as the player progresses.
• PAVE – PAVE puzzles are more complicated Strimko logic puzzles. These are designed for those who have already mastered the classic game.
• ZEN – ZEN puzzles focus on deep logic. These are challenging puzzles that test’s the player’s puzzle solving skills.
• FIT – This is another set of challenging puzzles wherein the player must insert and rotate streams on the game board in order to satisfy all the rules of Strimko.

There is also an additional puzzle set called TRI puzzles that is only unlocked after the player has solved a series of puzzles. The puzzles are timed and players must complete the challenges before time runs out.