JenkatGames (Shareware)

StrikeBall3 is a breakout game that is exciting to play with. In this game, the player is presented with a whole picture. The fragments need to be moved away using the ball. It is full of sudden twists and turns that keep the player interested. New missions and new challenges abound. This game features advanced visuals and sound effects which are very close approximations of real-life sounds.

StrikeBall3 is a very dynamic game with 100 different levels. There is a total of five 3D landscapes to explore. The game also offers players bonusues. For instance, helicopters could fly overhead and start throwing boxes. Breaking these equate to bonuses. There are many other opportunities such as this throughout the game. The player can also collect stars and use them to buy opportunities that give them an advantage. Players can also aspire to gain 30 power-ups in all as well as a special upgrade lab.

StrikeBall3 gives players ample opportunities to upgrade. The ball can be magnetized or be transformed into a fire ball, a powerful cannon, or a rocket launcher. In StrikeBall3 it is important for the player to monitor the ball so that it does not fall down. When the ball falls down then one “life” is lost.